Democratic House candidate Jeff Barth has gone on TV with a 30-second campaign ad — the first of the any candidate this election cycle, to our knowledge. Here’s the transcript:

I’m Jeff Barth. I’m a proud South Dakota Democrat, and I’m saying to Democrats and independents across this state, Washington, D.C. is broken. The people we’ve got out there are now are not doing their job — they’re not even going to work. If you want someone that’s not going to go out to represent the bankers, that’s not going to go represent the oil companies, but to represent America, to represent South Dakota, I’m your man. Democrats and independents, I need your vote on June 5. I’m Jeff Barth, and I approved this message.

EDIT: My colleague Jon Ellis talked to Barth about his ad. Barth told him he’s been raising about $1,000 per day since his web video went viral, enough to finance a few cable TV hits.

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