Howie touts Bill Napoli for 2014 Senate

Gordon Howie, the activist and former state senator and gubernatorial candidate, released a new video on his website in which he pumps up fellow ex-Sen. Bill Napoli as a possible conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014 against possible candidates Mike Rounds and Kristi Noem.

Napoli, who also appears in the video, plays coy about the whole thing, but both men agree that “someone like Bill Napoli” should run. (They also agree that someone like Gordon Howie should run for governor, though Howie also plays coy about whether he’s giving that another shot.)

You can watch the whole six-minute conversation below, which includes some questionable political theorizing — including that if voters just voted their principle, conservatives would win every time*, and that the only reason Barack Obama won in 2008 is because Christians stayed home — and allegations that John Thune has “changed so much” that his “strong conservative belief… is gone completely.”

*This asterisked statement is something I am going to revisit in a future post; it’s got a long historical provenance and, as this video shows, remains relevant. UPDATE: Read my take on this point here.