Varilek runs a TV ad: Democratic House candidate Matt Varilek is launching a statewide television ad campaign.

The spot, which will start today, is a positive 30-second biographical spot called “Horseshoes.” Varilek summarizes his background in two sentences — one about working odd jobs growing up, the other about doing economic development for Sen. Tim Johnson. There’s a corny joke about him liking to throw horseshoes, badly. He closes by promising to represent “you,” not special interests.

Varilek’s opponent, Republican Rep. Kristi Noem, isn’t mentioned in the spot.

Noem has yet to air a television ad this election, though she has run several radio ads.

Varilek’s campaign says the ad will run statewide in all media markets, including local networks as well as some cable spots.

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Here’s the full transcript for Varilek’s ad:

Narrator: Matt Varilek: A new choice for Congress with South Dakota roots and middle-class values.

Matt: I worked my way through high school and college washing dishes, flipping burgers, and picking rocks. I like to throw horseshoes. Badly. I worked for Senator Tim Johnson on economic development, helping businesses and promoting opportunity.¬†The special interests have their representatives. I’ll work hard for you. I’m Matt Varilek, and I approved this message.