Another grandchild coming for Daugaard

Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced this morning that he’ll soon have a second grandchild.

Several months ago his daughter Sara Daugaard Venhuizen gave birth to Henry Raymond Venhuizen. Now the governor’s other daughter, Laura Daugaard Mitchell is pregnant.

Daugaard made the announcement at this morning’s dedication ceremony for the William J. Janklow Flandreau Community Center/Armory.

UPDATE: Daugaard first announced the news yesterday at the South Dakota Municipal League convention. I missed this at the time, but it was first reported by Tony Mangan of KCCR Radio.

The governor also shared an anecdote about grandchildren, from a conversation with his adviser and son-in-law Tony Venhuizen:

Our daughter Sara had a baby boy two months ago. I said, ‘Now, am I going to be “Grandpa Dennis” and your dad “Grandpa Keith”? Am I going to be “Papa” and he’s “Grandpa” or how are you going to distinguish us?’ He said, ‘I’ve decided my dad is going to be Grandpa Fat.’ Wow. Then I thought, ‘Well, I might do all right. Will I be Grandpa Slim? Grandpa Athletic? Grandpa Trim?’ He said, ‘No, you’ll be Grandpa Cheap.’

My thanks to colleague Jill Callison, who was at the event and brought me the news and the transcript.