Secession fever

In this morning’s paper, I followed up on yesterday’s post about the petition calling for South Dakota’s secession with a slightly longer story.

In it, I talked to outgoing Rep. Lora Hubbel, who confirmed she had signed it and called it a “frustration release.” She knows, she said, that states can’t secede, and just wanted to vent.

I also plugged the list of signers into Excel and figured out that only about 8 percent of the 2,500 signers (at the time) with locations listed were actually from South Dakota. More of them were from Texas.

UPDATE: As of 2 p.m. this afternoon, the South Dakota secession petition is up to 5,121 signatures. The publicity the issue has received in South Dakota from the media has spurred a full 175 extra South Dakotans to sign on for secession. That’s compared to only 105 extra Texans since I last ran the numbers last night, thus vaulting South Dakotans into the lead for the most people from any one state supporting South Dakota’s secession, 323 over 314 for Texas.

Finally, don’t miss journalist Tom Lawrence’s account of how while researching the secession petition for a story, he accidentally signed it.