Who’s polling the legislative session?

A Twitter user is reporting she was polled yesterday about the upcoming South Dakota legislative session.

According to user @book3mom, the call lasted about five minutes, was conducted by a live interviewer who was from out of state (key tell: they mispronounced “Pierre”) and didn’t include any disclaimer about who conducted the poll.

Among the things she reports being asked:

  • how she ranked the importance of various social and fiscal issues for the legislative session
  • her opinion of President Barack Obama, Gov. Dennis Daugaard, Secretary of State Jason Gant, the state Democratic and Republican parties, and the tea party movement
  • whether South Dakota should let the federal government run its health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act (but not whether South Dakota should expand Medicaid)
  • whether she thought Pierre too partisan
  • if she liked Nebraska’s system of nonpartisan legislative elections

The poll came from¬†503-575-7964 and came up as “Bernett R” on caller ID. A quick web search determines that number is tied to Bernett Research, a call center firm; that doesn’t identify who hired Bernett to conduct the poll.

Does anyone have any insight into who’s behind this?