Latterell’s address

Introducing himself at the House Local Government Committee hearing this morning, Rep. Isaac Latterell said something interesting: “I live in southern Sioux Falls.”

That’s interesting because on his page on the Legislative Research Council website, Latterell is listed as having a Tea address — specifically, a post office box there.

I asked him about the discrepancy. He said it reflected a recent move.

"I used to live near rural Tea out in the country," Latterell said. "I’ve told people in my campaign I moved to southern Sioux Falls, which is still in the district. That was something I clearly communicated during my campaign."

He moved, he said, because of a “bad roommate situation.”

Latterell said he’s updated his official voter registration.

But he said he maintains the PO box in Tea that’s listed as his official address.

"I still do business in Tea," said Latterell, a first-term Republican.