'Holy Moses!' Stace Nelson movie gets Oscar nom

Stace Nelson has been many things: Marine, NCIS investigator, farmer, community organizer, legislator and political lightning rod. Now the Fulton resident can add a little Hollywood pedigree to his resume.

Nelson was a featured interview subject in the documentary film “The Invisible War,” about the “epidemic of rape” in the U.S. military. Today, that film was nominated for an Academy Award for “best documentary,” one of five films to receive the honor.

"Holy Moses!" Nelson said about the news.

He said he’s proud of his role in the movie, which has led to significant changes in the armed forces. It’s now shown in some military training, and was seen by by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

"As a result of watching it, Panetta made major changes," Nelson said.

So will Stace Nelson be walking the red carpet on Feb. 24?

That’s not going to happen even if he were invited, Nelson said.

"I’m not a red carpet kind of guy," he said. "Plus my duties here in the Legislature would take precedence."

The South Dakota House of Representatives, of which Nelson is one of 70 members, will be in the middle of its annual session on Oscar night.

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