Lawmakers packing heat? A bill could be coming.

I’ve heard some rumors around the Legislature that one of the gun-related bills brought forward this session could be to let legislators carry concealed weapons inside the Capitol.

The building is currently classified as a courthouse for purposes of a state law banning firearms in courthouses (except for law enforcement and judges)

House Majority Leader David Lust and Senate Majority Leader Russell Olson were asked about these rumors at their news conference today.

Lust said he’s had several conversations about that proposal, and isn’t terribly excited about it.

"That’s an issue we can discuss, but I’ve told folks in my caucus I’m more concerned frankly about the chief justice and the Supreme Court justices and the governor than I would be about ourselves," Lust said.

Then he joked about another objection he has to such a bill:

"And of course, I’m not sure we would ever want senators carrying," he said.

Even without a law, scuttlebutt is that some lawmakers do regularly, or at least occasionally, carry their concealed weapons inside the building. I’m not sure the degree to which that’s true.

Should they be allowed to do so legally?