Betty Olson bringing bill letting concealed weapons into government buildings

Last year, after a bill removing the need to get a concealed permit was killed, state Rep. Betty Olson brought her own version of the same measure that came one gubernatorial signature away from becoming law.

After a similar concealed permit bill died this morning, Olson said she’s going to let that lie and not bring her own version this time.

But Olson will be revisiting the issue of concealed weapons in another form.

"You know that $10 that I pay to buy my concealed weapons permit? And that money all goes back to state and local government?" Olson said. "I should be allowed to come into every state-funded building, built with taxpayer money, with that state-approved $10 permit and my concealed weapon."

And she’s not limiting her bill to state and local government. She said her bill, being drafted now, would also give access to federal buildings in South Dakota where firearms are currently prohibited.

"They were all built with my money, too," Olson said. "When I get stopped by the metal detector, all I have to do is show them my card."