Snow could cancel Monday’s Legislature

With a big snow event scheduled to sweep across South Dakota Sunday, lawmakers are reconsidering their scheduled meetings on Monday.

The Legislature is scheduled to meet Monday through Thursday next week. But if the roads are really bad on Sunday, the Monday session could be cancelled. Friday would be an easy day to make it up if legislators so choose, though they have other options.

This affects the “Crossover Day” deadline. That’s when all bills have to pass out of their house of origin or be defeated, meaning House Bills have to pass the House and Senate Bills the Senate. In the original schedule, Crossover Day is February 20. That means February 19 is the deadline for those bills to pass out of committee in order for the full House and Senate to act on them Wednesday.

Senate President Pro Tempore Corey Brown said Crossover Day could be delayed if — and it’s still if — the Legislature doesn’t meet on Monday.

(Updated to correct the date of Crossover Day.)