Governor Adelstein? He’s thinking about it

One of today’s political must-reads comes from Kevin Woster in the Rapid City Journal, who interviews state Sen. Stan Adelstein about his life — and ambitions.

Adelstein, who strongly dislikes Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s policies, is considering running for the state’s top job in 2014. (Updated to reflect Adelstein’s comment below.)

In fact, Adelstein loves the environment and the platform in the state Capitol so much, he has thoughts about taking things up a notch with a run for governor.

So far, it’s only a consideration. And yet, with Adelstein one never knows.

"I guess I have given it serious thought," he said of a possible run for governor. "I don’t want it. I’m going to be 83 by the time this Senate term ends. But I don’t know how to get done what I want done. And people do ask, ‘Why don’t you run for governor?’"

The story notes that Adelstein, 81 and a multimillionaire, doesn’t think he’ll actually run:

Having served two terms in the House and one in the Senate prior to his defeat, Adelstein is now in his third consecutive Senate term. The state constitution limits legislators to four consecutive terms in one house. Adelstein said he’ll “probably” run for that fourth Senate term in 2014, “depending on how he feels.”

"I would rather find a younger man or young woman who wanted to be governor," he said. "But I’m really not pleased with what’s going on these days. Running for governor would give me a statewide platform to discuss those issues."

But he’s clearly thinking about it. Adelstein has raised his public profile lately, hiring a second legislative aide and starting a blog and Twitter account. On that same blog this morning, he posted a link to Woster’s long story — and asked for readers’ thoughts on “the future direction of SD.”

Unmentioned is how Adelstein would run for governor, if that comes to pass. He’s been a lifelong member of the Republican Party (albeit one who has on more than one occasion given to Democrats); would he challenge Daugaard in the GOP primary? Would he run as an independent? Or seek out the Democratic nod?