House overwhelmingly approves ‘Building South Dakota’

By a 56-13 vote, the South Dakota House passed a complex, bipartisan economic development package Tuesday.

It was passed without amendment and will now head over to the Senate, where the bill’s sponsors plan on introducing an amendment to clarify and fix existing language.

The vote came after several proposed changes by Rep. Stace Nelson, R-Fulton, both rejected on voice votes.

Nelson asked the House to split the bill into multiple parts, arguing it was unconstitutional by containing multiple subjects. Other lawmakers disagreed, saying all the bill’s parts are related to economic development.

He also proposed an amendment adding new open meetings requirements, which a majority of lawmakers argued was unnecessary given existing open meetings law.

Outside of Nelson’s motions, there was very little debate on the bill. Rep. David Lust and Rep. Bernie Hunhoff spoke in favor of the bill as effective economic development, and Rep. Don Kopp spoke against it on the grounds that it contained too many subjects.