Daugaard signs 19 more bills; no more vetoes coming

This morning, Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed 19 bills. This afternoon, he’ll visit Sioux Falls to sign the last bill of the session, the measure creating Blood Run State Park, in a public ceremony.

The bills signed included the controversial measure raising legislators’ long-frozen expense allowance by $13 per day.

That means Wednesday’s three vetoes are the only ones Daugaard will issue this session.

His final total: one real veto (the fertilizer bill), and two line-item vetoes (both related to the same issue, striking language telling the governor how to spend money on tech schools; Daugaard said the language in the bills was not the proper way to give that instruction).

Read more about the fertilizer bill veto here.

Lawmakers will return to Pierre on Monday to consider these three vetoes.