Fun with crosstabs in PPP’s poll

The new poll from Public Policy Polling includes a public release of voluminous cross-tabs, so you can see how each question broke down by various demographic categories.

Among the fascinating things you can find by digging in (and keep in mind that some of these questions have fairly large margins of error):

  • Mike Rounds leads Kristi Noem 43-39 among all Republican primary voters. But he’s up 60-14 among the 9 percent of South Dakota Republicans who voted for Obama. Among Romney-voting Republicans, it’s just 43-42 Rounds.
  • There’s no big gender gap in a Noem-Rounds primary matchup — Rounds leads 41-36 among women, 45-42 among men — though more women are undecided.
  • Conventional wisdom is Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has a problem with her base as a result of votes against liberal priorities like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This poll, at least, doesn’t show that. Among Democrats, Tim Johnson’s approval rating is 77-17, while Democrats approve of Herseth Sandlin 82-13. The two are basically identical among approval by people who voted for Obama in 2012 — 85-11 for Tim Johnson, 86-10 for Herseth Sandlin.
  • 21 percent of South Dakota Democrats disapprove of Barack Obama. 11 percent of South Dakota Republicans approve of the president.
  • Obama’s approval among white South Dakotans is 37 percent. Among non-white South Dakotans (7 percent of the sample), it’s 58 percent.
  • This is probably insignificant because we’re talking about the preferences of about 20 to 25 people here in the polling sample, but among non-white Republicans, Noem has a huge 61-8 lead over Rounds in a potential primary.
  • No surprise that Obama’s approval rating is highest among young South Dakotans, aged 18-29 — 50 percent approve of the president, versus 45 percent who disapprove. Less predictable? Obama’s second-best age category are people over 65, where 42 percent approve and 52 percent don’t. The most anti-Obama age group are people aged 30 to 45, among whom just 28 percent approve and 66 percent disapprove.
  • In light of those numbers, I looked at the Rounds-Noem primary matchup by age. Rounds beats Noem among 18 to 29-year-old Republicans (44-39) and Republicans ¬†65 and older (43-38), but is tied among those 30-45.
  • Unfortunately for my curiosity, PPP didn’t poll about how Herseth Sandlin would fare in a primary challenge to Tim Johnson. That is very unlikely to happen, but wouldn’t the poll result be fascinating?

Again, you can view these crosstabs yourself here.