Legislature upholds all three Daugaard vetoes

The South Dakota Legislature upheld all three of Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s vetoes on Monday, the final day of the state’s legislative session.

Two of the decisions were noncontroversial — a pair of 65-1 House votes to accept Daugaard’s technical changes on spending bills.

The third was close. The Senate voted 22-13 in favor of a bill raising the fertilizer inspection fee to fund fertilizer research — two votes below the 24 needed to override the veto.

Supporters said it was important to fund South Dakota-specific fertilizer research rather than relying on the fertilizer industry. They also pointed to support from ag groups for raising the fertilizer fee.

State Sen. Shantel Krebs, R-Renner, said research by national or out-of-state groups isn’t what South Dakota needs.

"We have very different soil here in South Dakota and we need to have the research done in our universities to provide… our growers the non-biased information they need," Krebs said.

But other senators sided with Daugaard, arguing the bill was a tax increase and represented government overreach into things that should be done by private interests.

"Why do we want government to step into the area where outside industry is already doing the job?" said Sen. Bill Van Gerpen, R-Tyndall. "I believe the research is going to continue whether we vote this up or down."

When the Senate passed the fertilizer bill earlier in the legislative session, it sailed through 30-5. Eight senators who previously voted yes switched to no after Daugaard’s veto.

Considering the three vetoes was the final action for the 2013 legislative session before adjournment.