Noem raises $270K in first quarter

From January through March, Rep. Kristi Noem raised almost $270,000 in campaign funds.

That money can fuel Noem’s reelection campaign. It can also be transferred to a campaign for Senate if Noem makes a run for the upper house.

Noem started the quarter with $133,000 on hand, having spent most of the $2.8 million she raised for the last election in her convincing 2012 victory over Matt Varilek.

Combined with $116,000 in spending the first three months of the year, that gives Noem $287,000 in the bank.

That’s a lot less than the more than the $1.2 million retiring Sen. Tim Johnson has, and just slightly more than the $253,000 Senate candidate Mike Rounds had on New Year’s Day.

UPDATE: Here’s an interactive map of Noem’s fundraising. Click here for a full-size version: