Weiland hires consulting firm

Rick Weiland has hired the national political consultants Democracy Partners to help run his U.S. Senate campaign, the Democrat announced at 6:17 p.m. on a Friday.

Mike Lux, the co-founder of Democracy Partners singled out in Weiland’s release, is a veteran Democratic political operative dating back two decades. He was recently a liaison for the Barack Obama transition team “to the progressive community.”

This is a serious operative that shows Weiland’s not going to be a joke or fringe candidate.

It’s also not Mitch Stewart, the big-name Obama campaign veteran who was rumored to be lined up to be Brendan Johnson’s campaign manager if he made a Senate run.

And most importantly: does Weiland not know that Friday afternoon is where news goes to die? Let alone early Friday evening. There’s a reason politicians dump bad news late in the day on Fridays. If you want to get attention for your hire, save it until Monday.

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