Rep. Kristi Noem still coy on Senate

Rep. Kristi Noem had some news to share.

"I also wanted to make an announcement about something new today I’m going to be doing," Noem told reporters dialed in to her weekly conference call with the South Dakota media.

But the announcement was that she would be holding an ag-focused conference call with South Dakota citizens next week (at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m.).

The announcement a lot of people are waiting for Noem to make — whether she will run for U.S. Senate — will have to wait for another day.

"I’m still focused on doing the job I was elected to do," Noem said when asked about the Senate. "With the farm bill going on right now I’m focused on that. So we’ll have to deal with politics a little bit later."

That’s basically the same answer Noem has given for months to this question. It hasn’t changed despite some Noem advisers going further and confirming her interest in the race to the media.