Noem raised $381K last quarter

Rep. Kristi Noem raised $381,000 from April through June, among her better fundraising performances since being reelected and more than $100,000 above her first-quarter total.

Noem, who announced last month she would seek a third term in the House rather than running for the open U.S. Senate seat, has $525,000 in the bank, according to a top Noem adviser.

Looking at Noem’s entire fundraising career, $381,000 would be about the middle. She’s had seven quarters where she raised less than that, and six where she raised more.

It’s a bit more impressive if you just look at off-year election fundraising, which is typically lower than election-year fundraising. In Noem’s six off-year fundraising quarters, she’s raised an average of $330,000. Her $381,000 figure is the second-highest of those, just behind the $397,000 she raised in the first quarter of 2011, immediately after she took office.

The total is also a big jump over the first quarter, when Noem raised $269,000.

The second-quarter total is a strong but not overwhelming quarter of fundraising for Noem, a consistent and strong fundraiser. It gives her a nice head start for her U.S. House race, while probably not being enough to intimidate a top-tier candidate like U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson from running.

Mike Rounds, who spent around 80 percent of his time last quarter fundraising, took in just over $600,000 in the second quarter.

Here’s a chart showing recent South Dakota fundraising history.