Woster, Garrigan leave Rapid City Journal

Big news in the South Dakota journalism world today as two veteran reporters at the Rapid City Journal, Kevin Woster and Mary Garrigan, both quit the paper.

The two, a married couple, posted about their departures on their Facebook profiles. In her Facebook post, Garrigan said today’s departure was “unexpected.”

Woster confirmed the news and provided a statement.

"It’s a profoundly sad evening around our house," he wrote. "We both love the Journal and have survived some trying times in recent years. This, though, we could not abide. I don’t feel comfortable talking in detail about what happened. But we reached a point today where we simply could not continue to work there."

I worked next to both Woster and Garrigan during my year and a half at the Rapid City Journal, and consider both of them friends.

It’s unclear what will come next for the pair. Woster has resigned from the Journal before only to change his mind and come back, but this time might be for good. The two are helping to raise their young grandchild in addition to supporting themselves.