Poll: South Dakotans split shutdown blame on party lines

A new poll from the Democratic-affiliated Nielson Brothers Polling found a sharply divided state over the ongoing government shutdown.

Overall, the poll found 38 percent of voters blame primarily Republicans, 35 percent blame primarily Democrats, and 24 percent see both equally culpable.

But NBP found voters far more likely to blame ideological opponents for the stalemate. Around 66 percent of Democrats blame Republicans, while 13 percent blame their own party. Among Republicans, 55 percent blame Democrats and 16 percent say it’s the GOP.

Ideologically, 78 percent of liberals blame Republicans, while 73 percent of people who identify with the tea party blame Democrats. 

Among conservatives who didn’t identify with the tea party, 55 percent blamed Democrats and 16 percent pointed the finger at the GOP. Independents were more likely to see the Republicans as responsible, with 47 percent blaming the GOP vs. 17 percent Democrats.

NBP also asked voters their opinion of the Affordable Care Act. A majority, 54 percent, oppose the act, while 36 percent support. This, too, follows party lines: support for the law was 62 percent among Democrats and 15 percent among Republicans.

The automated poll was conducted form Oct. 2 to Oct. 6, with just over 800 respondents. The margin of error is about 3.45 percent.

Today’s release did not include all the questions asked in the poll, or full crosstabs. NBP says they’ll release more findings in the near future, including questions about the U.S. Senate race.