The Hill: Weiland raises $170,000

Alexandra Jaffe of The Hill reports that Rick Weiland raised around $170,000 in the third quarter of the year and has around $315,000 in the bank.

That’s an increase on the second quarter, where Weiland raised $105,000 in just over half of the three month period.

On a per-day basis, Weiland is keeping up his pace. He raised $1,944 per day in the second quarter and took in $1,847 per day in the third.

He’s still far behind Republican frontrunner Mike Rounds, who raised $607,000 and has around $1 million in the bank. But Weiland is also doing far better than the second tier of Republican Senate candidates, Annette Bosworth, Stace Nelson and Larry Rhoden. Rhoden, the best fundraiser of the group, took in $62,000. Weiland’s total is bigger than all three combined, though he also had more time to raise money. On a per-day basis, the three combined for $2,387 to his $1,847.

Weiland’s fundraising is also tracking 2012 U.S. House candidate Matt Varilek’s very closely. Varilek raised $104,579 in his first quarter in the race, and $168,136 in his second — both just slightly below Weiland’s totals. Key differences include Varilek entering the race in December of the year before the election (Weiland got in six months earlier) and Varilek having several fewer weeks in his first fundraising quarter.

Here’s an updated spreadsheet showing recent South Dakota political fundraising.