Outside group to make token pro-Rounds TV buy

Pat Powers at the South Dakota War College is reporting that the Government Integrity Fund, a Republican SuperPAC, will spend $1,689 on TV commercials supporting Mike Rounds’ U.S. Senate candidacy.

Even in a cheap state like South Dakota, $1,689 isn’t much money for TV ads. A single spot on KSFY-TV’s 10 p.m. news — where Powers says one buy is being placed — cost $375 in November 2012. Other spots can be less than $100 a pop.

So this isn’t someone blanketing the state. It’s more of a statement, a pump-primer, and a minor boost for Rounds — for a good number of viewers, it will mean they see a pro-Rounds ad before they see one attacking him.

The bigger question: will this prompt responses from other groups or campaigns? Or will it be a simple one-off incident?

I’ll post video of the ad once it runs.