Pressler to advertise during Oscars: The National Journal reported Friday that former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler is embracing the movie “American Hustle,” which told (loosely) the true story of an FBI sting operation in which Pressler was one of the few elected officials to acquit himself honorably, by turning down the offered bribe.

Per their report, Pressler will air this ad on local television during tonight’s Academy Award ceremony. It’s unclear how widespread the low-budget commercial will be seen beyond tonight. The Associated Press says Pressler will air the 30-second spot twice during the Oscars.

Pressler does not appear in “American Hustle,” which doesn’t show any members of Congress turning down bribes. He did see and enjoy the film. Here’s a broader take on his role in the scandal from the Washington Post.

Who’s advertising at the Hughes County GOP dinner?

Here’s all the candidates and businesses who bought ads in the program at tonight’s Hughes and Stanley County Lincoln Day Dinner. Businesses are italicized. Candidates for nonpartisan offices are starred.

Full-page ads

  • U.S. Sen. John Thune
  • U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem
  • Attorney General Marty Jackley
  • PUC commissioners Nelson/Hanson/Fiegen
  • U.S. Senate candidate Stace Nelson
  • U.S. Senate candidate Jason Ravnsborg
  • U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds
  • Gray-Skjonsberg-Glodt Strategies
  • Rep. Tim Rounds
  • Rep. Mary Duvall
  • Ex-Rep. Tad Perry
  • S.D. House candidate Mark Venner
  • BankWest
  • Morris Inc.
  • Tumbleweed lodge
  • Riter, Rogers, Wattier & Northrup LLP
  • May, Adam, Gerdes & Thompson LLP
  • Pierre Flower Shop
  • Simply Gorgeous Medical Spa
  • Cen-Kota Republican Women
  • South Dakota Teen Age Republicans
  • Gov. Dennis Daugaard and Lt. Gov. Matt Michels

Half-page ads

  • Auditor Steve Barnett
  • Public Lands Commissioner candidate Ryan Brunner
  • Fort Pierre Mayor candidate Gloria Hanson*
  • Pierre City Commission candidate Jamie Huizenga*
  • Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
  • Dakota Prairie Bank
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Eddie’s Truck Center
  • Jensen Dietz Wealth Advisors

Quarter-page ads

  • Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill*
  • Guadalajara Mexican restaurant
  • Carrie J. Gonsor, Attorney at Law
  • Paul E. Bachand, Attorney at Law

Absent: U.S. Senate candidates Annette Bosworth and Larry Rhoden,  and local state senator Jeff Monroe.

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Outside group to make token pro-Rounds TV buy

Pat Powers at the South Dakota War College is reporting that the Government Integrity Fund, a Republican SuperPAC, will spend $1,689 on TV commercials supporting Mike Rounds’ U.S. Senate candidacy.

Even in a cheap state like South Dakota, $1,689 isn’t much money for TV ads. A single spot on KSFY-TV’s 10 p.m. news — where Powers says one buy is being placed — cost $375 in November 2012. Other spots can be less than $100 a pop.

So this isn’t someone blanketing the state. It’s more of a statement, a pump-primer, and a minor boost for Rounds — for a good number of viewers, it will mean they see a pro-Rounds ad before they see one attacking him.

The bigger question: will this prompt responses from other groups or campaigns? Or will it be a simple one-off incident?

I’ll post video of the ad once it runs.

Weiland attacks shutdown in radio ad: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Rick Weiland launched his first radio ad today, attacking the government shutdown and accusing Mike Rounds and other Republican candidates of supporting it.

There’s no indication of how widely this commercial will air. Radio ads are pretty cheap, however, so it will likely be heard by more than a few voters.

Central to Weiland’s ad appears to be a reading of my article two weeks ago, getting every candidate’s opinion of the shutdown.

Here’s the transcript:

Hi. My name is Rick Weiland and I approve this message because I think shutting down the government is a terrible idea and believe it or not, I’m the only Senate candidate who thinks that way.

Mike Rounds and the rest all say they would have voted with Senator Ted Cruz to shut us down. They apparently think it’s some kind of game.

Well Western South Dakota doesn’t think so and I don’t either. 

Ranchers who have lost their herds have no place to turn. School kids are shut out of Head Start. And every family in America risks loss of their savings when political stunts like this threaten government default.

That’s why I pledged I will never vote to shut down our government because I don’t get my way on some other issue.

Please join me in respectfully requesting that Mike Rounds, and every other candidate for Federal office, pledge never to play this game again.

Go to and sign our petition. 

Make them earn their paychecks so we can keep earning ours.

Thank you.

Glass houses and ads

Cory Heidelberger today criticizes Annette Bosworth for hiring a Florida company to produce her first campaign ad:

Team Bosworth-Haber evidently figures South Dakotans aren’t smart enough to handle their checkbook or their advertising. Team Bosworth-Haber has to hope South Dakotans aren’t smart enough to see through their medicine show.

He can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m betting he didn’t have quite the same reaction in 2012 when Matt Varilek hired a Washington, D.C. company to produce his anti-Kristi Noem commercials.

UPDATE: Cory chimes in in the comments:

Touché — I have no excuses for Varilek’s ad choices. I do, however, resist any comparison between Varilek’s campaign and character and the Bosworth-Haber medicine show.

Bosworth launches first 2014 Senate TV spot

U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth released a 30-second television ad Thursday, the first commercial from any of the South Dakota Senate candidates.

The biographical spot is narrated by Bosworth, with images of her on a farm and meeting voters around the state. Interestingly, the ad’s audio never mentions what Bosworth is a candidate, that she’s running for U.S. Senate, or that she’s a Republican. You have to look at the titles on the screen to see that she’s running for Senate and identified herself as “Tested. Trusted. Conservative.”

Here’s the text:

For five generations my family has farmed this land. Growing up here on the prairie, I learned that family, faith, hard work, dedication and sacrifice are the keys to success. Today, these same principles define my relationship with my husband, my children, and those I serve as a physician. I’ll use these same South Dakota values to represent you in Washington. I’m Dr. Annette Bosworth, and I approve this message.

Bosworth says the commercial will run on TV in “strategic buys.”

(H/T Pat Powers)

Here’s the ad that aired during the season-opening NFL game yesterday, praising Sen. John Thune. It’s not an early ad for Thune’s 2016 reelection campaign (or some other 2016 bid he might be considering!), it’s from the third-party American Chemistry Council, “thanking” Thune for his service and votes. This is a little unusual to see this early in the cycle, but not outlandish.

Rick Weiland’s past campaigns

C-SPAN producer Craig Caplan digs up this video, of Rick Weiland speaking to the 1996 Democratic National Convention. It’s brief, and reflects the same sort of liberal populism Weiland focused on yesterday. (Unfortunately not embeddable.)

Meanwhile Pat Powers at the South Dakota War College has two of Weiland’s 2002 campaign commercials:

Radio station: Varilek made no request to pull ad

On Saturday, Matt Varilek pledged to unilaterally run only positive ads for the rest of the campaign. After some back-and-forth with the Kristi Noem campaign, Varilek’s campaign manager David Benson said this applied to radio ads, too. Even though a radio ad attacking Noem was airing on Aberdeen radio, Benson said that was in the process of coming down.

“The buy was made, the radio ads were placed prior to last night’s debates. With it being the weekend, there’s a process in place to have that removed,” Benson said.

That process appears to be an exceptionally slow one. When I called Dakota Broadcasting, an Aberdeen radio company that aired the ad, late this morning, they said the Varilek campaign hadn’t made any request to pull the ad.

"Nobody has talked to me about it," said Joel Swanson, general manager of Dakota Broadcasting.

Swanson said Varilek was at their studio Saturday morning around 9:30, about three hours before he called me to announce he was going positive. Varilek didn’t mention anything at the time, Swanson said.

"I just thanked him for spending some bucks with us," he said.

Benson did not respond to a call for comment today.

And Fiegen’s second ad: A second positive spot from Fiegen, trumpeting her fighting spirit.


Kristie Fiegen: I’m Public Utilities Commissioner Kristie Fiegen. I’m also a wife and a mom who knows what it’s like to pay bills each month. That’s why I’m fighting Obama’s EPA mandates that drive up utility costs for everyone. And I’m fighting for the future of our state, for renewable energy and expanded cell phone and broadband coverage. South Dakota families like yours need a proven fighter. I’m Kristie Fiegen, and I’m asking for your vote Nov. 6.

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